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Graduate Admissions 

Admissions application forms and information are available online from the Graduate Admissions office or by email from Please, visit their Web site for a complete list of requirements.

Submit the following information to the Computer Science Department:

  • Three letters of recommendation from qualified persons who have taught or supervised you in an academic and/or professional capacity;
  • A Statement of Purpose indicating your goals for graduate study in Computer Science at the University of Georgia.

Mailing Addresses:

Graduate Admissions Office:
   Graduate Admissions
   320 E. Clayton Street, Suite 400
   The University of Georgia
   Athens, GA 30602-4401


Computer Science Department:
   Computer Science Department
   415 Boyd Graduate Research Center
   The University of Georgia
   Athens, Georgia 30602-7404

Telephone numbers and Email Addresses:

Graduate Admissions Office:
   (706) 542-1739 (voice)
   (706) 542-9480 (fax)


Computer Science Department:
   (706) 542-2911(voice)
   (706) 542-2966 (fax)

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences